Driftwood & Shell Home Decor

              Handcrafted & Inspired by Nature


Driftwood Mirrors


        Shell Mirrors

Shell & Driftwood Frames


Driftwood & Shell Crosses

   “The Shore is fresh and clean everyday.
    Storms come and go, and yet it is renewed,
 enduring to give more beautiful gifts to share.”                  

                 When writing this, the ocean and it’s shore was my
              inspiration. It is a beautiful creation by God that brings 
              constant change, renewal, and unexpected treasures. 
             The majestic sunrise and sunsets, waves to ride, treasures 
             to find, and the tides ebb and flow, are gifts of nature we do 
             not control. I remain in awe of it’s power and beauty! 

     The Shore Life  reflects a personal unique home decor.
         I love working with reclaimed wood, shells and driftwood and 
        creating them into them into crosses, boxes, frames and mirrors, 
        so we can easily admire their natural beauty. 
       I live by the shore on the east coast of Florida in a small town
       called Indialantic. I am blessed to be able to work as, an Artist 
       and a Decorator, and I often create custom pieces for my clients  
       homes. I am always making something new, so keep checking out my 
       website for updated items. 
                                                                                 Mariane Brillante
                                                                                                     fb: The-Shore-Life
The Shore Life